Introduction to Medical Esthetics Course

This program is designed to teach students how to perform all modern medical aesthetic treatments on the market. Students, future medical aesthetics technicians, or clinic owners will acquire outstanding skills through our comprehensive program.

Instructional Hours: 1275 Hours – See breakdown below
Duration: 53 Weeks 
Fees: Tuition + Supplementary Fees – Contact for more information

Admission requirements:

  1. OSSD or Equivalent or mature student status
  2. Successful completion of the entrance exam.


Module 1: Introduction to Medical Esthetics

Students will be introduced to the evolution of the esthetics and spa industry, employment pathways, and the importance of a professional image and conduct for the Medical Esthetician. Various skill sets are studied to ensure client care, teamwork, and personal development.

Module 2: Health and Safety

Students are introduced to the Occupational Health and Safety laws surrounding the cosmetic industry. The student will learn about the different types of bacteria, the steps to proper decontamination, and the applied methods of disposable tools. Students will learn how to handle emergencies in workplaces and handle electrical equipment effectively

Module 3: Anatomy and Physiology

Students learn the structure and functions of the skin, human anatomy, physiology, and histology. The module examines the different bodily systems and their relation to the practice of esthetics.

Module 4: Skin Care and Facials

Students will apply their knowledge of sanitation and disinfection, anatomy and physiology, cosmetic chemistry, and the basis of electricity. They will learn how to perform various professional facial treatments including specific instructions on how to conduct a client consultation, prepare products and treatment rooms as well as perfect their techniques of facial treatments and use of esthetics equipment.

Module 5: Skin Diseases and Disorders

Students learn to recognize common skin diseases, disorders, and disturbances. As well as, determine those that can be treated by an esthetician and those that require medical treatment.

Module 6: Introduction to Botox and Fillers

Students are introduced to Botox and fillers. Students explore uses, safety, and ingredients related to Botox and fillers. Furthermore, students learn how to assist a medical professional in performing a treatment.

Module 7: Hair Removal Techniques

Students are introduced to permanent hair removal techniques and practices and their effects on the skin. Students learn the structure of the hair and discuss the various types of hair types.

Module 8: Lasers

Students are introduced to specialized treatments provided by Laser Technicians and provide a thorough understanding of Laser Modalities and the tissues interactions associated with Laser and other light-based therapies to treat skin imperfections.

Module 9: Clinical Laser Treatment

Students continue to build on and practice treatments of a Laser Technician. Further emphasis is placed on the theory and practical knowledge of Photo-rejuvenations, Pixel & Fractional Skin Resurfacing treatments, and skin tightening treatments.

Module 10: Mechanical & Chemical Exfoliation

Students learn the different forms of exfoliation through chemical and mechanical means. Students will perform safe and effective treatments under supervision.

Module 11: Makeup

Students learn the basics of color theory, facial shapes, and enhancing one’s own features. Students review products and implement various techniques for makeup applications and eyebrow enhancement.

Module 12: Manicures and Pedicure

Students learn the basics of nail health and diseases. Students practice fundamental techniques required to perform professional manicures and pedicures.

Module 13: Body treatments and Spa massages

Students learn the various cosmetic massage treatments and body treatment modalities using a variety of products such as essential oils, muds, seaweeds, creams, salts, and other specialized ingredients and tools.

Module 14: Spa Business Operations

Students learn the important aspects of a successful salon and explore spa business management. Students discuss the risks and rewards involved in business ownership in conjunction with exploring the key elements to being a part of a successful spa team.

Module 15: Professional and Career Success

Students learn how to search for employment, uncover the hidden job market, and how prepare an effective resume. Students explore and discuss successful job interview skills and use the use of social media as an effective tool for career search.

Bright Career Opportunities

Opportunities following this training are in medical aesthetic and surgical clinics with doctors, dermatologists, and nurses. You can also start your own business and open your own clinic!
  • Esthetician
  • Manicurist
  • Pedicurist
  • Medical Esthetics Assistant
  • Spa Owner
  • Waxing Specialist
  • Eyelash extension Specialist
  • Body Treatment Specialist
  • Laser Technician

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