Get the Skills to Become a Lash Tech Expert.

Lash Technician

Join MG International Career College and master the art of eyelash extensions through our comprehensive training program. Our course covers classic, volume, and hybrid techniques, equipping you with the skills to meet the high demand for these services and provide your clients with the latest trends in eyelash extensions.

Whether you’re new to the industry or looking to embark on a fresh career path, our Eyelash Extensions Technician course is the perfect starting point. We begin by laying a solid foundation on day one with classic eyelash extensions, ensuring you acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to establish a successful lash business.

Building upon your expertise, day two focuses on advanced training in volume and hybrid eyelash extensions. This segment introduces you to fanning and wrapping techniques, enabling you to create stunning 2D-5D fans and effectively apply them to your models. Expand your repertoire and elevate your lash artistry with our comprehensive training.

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Course Schedule:

Day 1: Classic eyelash

  • What are Eyelash Extensions ( Lash curls, length, width)?
  • Health, Hygiene, and Safety
  • Ergonomics and self-care
  • Client Contraindications and Consultations
  • Lashing for different eyes shapes
  • Types of Lash Styles and Mapping
  • Tools of the trade
  • Demonstration by Instructor:
    • Prep the client
    • Consultation
    • Lash Mapping
    • Dipping in the Adhesive
    • Isolation
    • Applying for the Extension
  • Refills and Removals
  • Skills Practice on Practice Lashes
  • Model Application:
    • Under Instructor Supervision

Day 2: Volume and Hybrid:

  • Volume Eyelash Extensions Theory:
    • What are Volume Lashes
    • Lash Curls and Lengths
    • Types of Fan Widths
    • Volume Conversion Chart
    • Types of Volume Applications
    • Corrective Techniques to common mistakes
    • Preparing Glue
    • Crystallization Method and Wrapping Techniques
    • Lash Mapping (layering, eye shapes, density techniques)
  • Volume and Hybrid Tools
  • Consultations for Volume and Hybrid Extensions
  • Skills Practice on Dummy Head:
    • How to Hold/ Pinch Volume Tweezers
    • Fan Making practice
    • Fan Application
    • Glue
  • Demonstration by Instructor:
    • Sanitization, Hygiene, and Setup
    • Lash Mapping for Volume and Hybrid
    • Individual Fan Removal and application
    • Fan Creation
    • Fan Attachment
    • Hybrid Demonstration
  • Model Application:
    • Under Instructor Supervision

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Elevate your lash game with our comprehensive Eyelash Extensions Technician Course, designed to help you achieve faster results and offer a diverse range of effects. From natural and wispy to deep, dark, and dramatic, you’ll master the art of creating stunning lashes while ensuring minimal damage. Take your skill set to the next level and unlock your earning potential.

Classic lash extensions, Income Generation Potential:
$80 to $100 per appointment.

Hybrid lash extensions Income Generation Potential:
$80 and $150 per appointment.

Volume eyelash extensions, Income Generation Potential:
$115 to $250 per appointment.

By acquiring expertise in all three techniques through our Eyelash Extensions Technician course, you’ll become a versatile lash artist capable of fulfilling any client request. Say goodbye to turning away business and seize every opportunity that comes your way. Your enhanced skill set will position you as the go-to professional in the industry, ensuring a steady stream of clients and maximizing your earning potential.

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