Intravenous (IV) Administration Certification Program at MG International Career College

Intravenous (IV) Administration Certification Program

Welcome to MG International Career College’s Intravenous (IV) Administration Certification Program!

Welcome to the Intravenous (IV) Administration Certification Program offered by MG International Career College. Our comprehensive program is designed to equip healthcare professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills to administer IV therapy safely and effectively. Whether you are a registered nurse, physician assistant, or other healthcare professional, our program prepares you for various IV administration roles in clinical settings.

Program Overview:

Our IV Administration Certification Program provides a solid foundation in vascular access and infusion therapy. From understanding anatomy and physiology to mastering IV insertion techniques and medication safety, students gain expertise in critical areas essential for IV therapy delivery. The program emphasizes evidence-based education and hands-on training to ensure graduates are well-prepared for their roles.

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Course Curriculum:

  1. Anatomy and Physiology for Vascular Access:
    • Learn about the anatomy and physiology relevant to vascular access and infusion therapy.
    • Understand the vascular system and its importance in IV therapy.
  2. Principles of Aseptic Technique:
    • Gain knowledge of aseptic technique principles for safe vascular access insertion and maintenance.
    • Learn infection control measures to minimize the risk of complications.
  3. IV Insertion Techniques:
    • Develop proficiency in IV insertion techniques, including venipuncture and catheter placement.
    • Practice hands-on skills in a simulated learning environment.
  4. Medication Safety and Infusion Therapy:
    • Understand principles of medication safety specific to IV administration.
    • Explore infusion therapy options, including pharmacokinetics and total parenteral nutrition.
  5. Complications and Troubleshooting:
    • Identify common complications associated with IV therapy and strategies for early detection and intervention.
    • Develop critical thinking skills to troubleshoot IV-related issues effectively.

Program Delivery:

The IV Administration Certification Program is offered in both online and hybrid formats to accommodate the diverse needs of students. Participants have access to live webcasts, skills laboratory workshops, and online resources for a comprehensive learning experience. Our experienced faculty provide personalized instruction and support throughout the program.

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Career Opportunities:

Upon completion of the program, graduates can pursue various roles in IV administration, including:

  • IV Therapy Nurse
  • Vascular Access Specialist
  • Infusion Nurse
  • IV Therapy Technician

Why Choose Us:

  • Accredited program recognized by healthcare organizations and employers.
  • Experienced faculty with expertise in vascular access and infusion therapy.
  • Hands-on training in a simulated learning environment to develop practical skills.
  • Preparation for national certification exams, including CVAA and CRNI®.
  • Career services support, including job placement assistance and resume building.

Admission Requirements:

  • Registered Clinicians in good standing with their regulatory body.
  • Language proficiency in English.
  • Completion of prerequisite courses or equivalent experience (assessed by faculty).

Enrol today and take the first step towards a rewarding career in Intravenous (IV) Administration with MG International Career College. To register or reserve your place in the course, contact us at (647) 529-3017 or gihan@mginternationalcareercollege.com, or submit the form on the contact page.

Breakdown of Fees

Please contact us on (647) 529-3017 or gihan@mginternationalcareercollege.com to know the fees breakdown and payment options.


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